Basic info
Age 11
Birthday September 22 (confirmed by Emily)
Talent Unknown
Friends Daichi, Ryouta, Naoko, Takahiro, Utako
Occupation Servant
"I feel like I'm the only sane person around here."


Chibana Yukimura (雪村知花 Yukimura Chibana) is a castle servant, and plays a supporting role in the game.


Chibana has straight brown hair that is around shoulder length and blue eyes. She is also the only character in the game that wears glasses.


Despite being the youngest person working in the castle, Chibana is very mature and accepting of things. Because of her age, she is seen usually hanging out with Ryouta, Daichi, or Utako, due to none of the other workers being as young as her. She also seems to experience weird people coming into the castle every day, as some of her lines confirm, and wonders why it's always her that has to deal with it. She is very good friends with Daichi, having sort of a brother/sister relationship with him.


  • Chibana (written as 知花) means "knowledge, flower", and Yukimura (written as 雪村) means "snow village"
  • When she is introduced, Daichi says that Utako is friends with Chibana. They are only seen hanging out together once, in Shizuka's route.
  • Chibana's friends are all at least 4-5 years older than her, but only because no one in the castle is even close to her age.