Princess Mai
Basic info
Age 15
Birthday June 22
Talent Dancing
Friends Shizuka, Utako, Aya, Hinata, Takahiro
Occupation Princess
"I'm a princess. So you have my permission to leave."


Princess Mai Nishihime (西姫舞 Nishihime Mai) is one of the five romanceable love interests for the protagonist. Her talent is dancing.


Mai has medium-long curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her outfit is a long purple dress with a large skirt and a dress cover, along with gloves and her tiara.


Mai is extremely kind to others, to mask her insecurities about herself. She believes that she does not have as much personality as her sisters, so she tries to change herself constantly. Because of her kindness and sociable nature, she is on good terms with all of her sisters.


  • She has a gift for dancing, able to perform a variety of styles.
  • She is athletic (due to her skills in dance.)



  • Mai (written as 舞) means "dance", which is fitting since it's what she's talented at.
  • She is the second-youngest of her sisters.
  • Her route is the main reason the game kept getting delayed, because it took Emily a long time to figure out what to do with it.
  • Her good end is considered the "canon" ending or "true" ending of the game by Emily, meaning that Mai is the princess that is actually meant to be Takahiro's girlfriend.
    • In her good end, Utako/Ryouta and Daichi/Shizuka become canon as well, meaning that they were intended to become couples.