Murder in the Castle is a sidestory of Royalty Free. It is currently completed.

You can download it for free here.

It is confirmed to be an AU, and none of what happens in it is canon.

Plot (spoilers)Edit

The game starts off the same as the dating sim until the end of the first day. There, the game switches to Emily's point of view. The girls are playing some sort of card game when they hear a gunshot. They go to the throne room to find the queen dead. Julia, being the oldest, becomes the new queen. She suggests going to the castle armory to find ways to defend themselves. Emily finds, of all things, a machine gun that the other girls force her to put away due to it being "improper". Emily points out that being proper isn't important if their lives are on the line, but they still refuse. The girls hear footsteps and another gunshot, this time at Julia. Julia tells them to go to the library and check the castle history files before dying. Kiara becomes the new queen and the girls head to the library, bumping into Alex and Brian on the way.


  • This was originally going to be part of the dating sim, as a bonus for unlocking all of the good endings. The creator had trouble programming it, so it was instead made into a separate game.
  • The character pictures don't appear because this was made before they were finalized.
    • This game also makes you play using the default name (William), due to this being finished before the option to choose your own name was added to the dating sim.
  • It is a short route, only about 20-25 minutes of playing time. It was intended to be longer, but the creator admits she rushed it and finished in less than a day.
  • The POV switch from William to Emily may be confusing at first, but it suddenly makes sense at the end when you learn that Emily is the only royalty that survives the route.
  • The game was made before the switch to the Japanese names.
  • This game states that Kiara (Hinata) and Desiree (Mai) were both adopted. In the main game, this is never stated, although it is canon that these two are adopted.