Basic info
Age 19
Birthday October 6 (confirmed by Emily)
Talent Cooking
Friends Ryouta, Daichi, Takahiro, Chibana
Occupation Chef
"It's blood. From the guy who jumped off the roof last night."


Naoko Kurosawa (黒澤直子 Kurosawa Naoko) is one of the castle chefs, in charge of cooking for the royalty and the other workers.


Naoko has short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes.


Naoko is known for liking to freak people out. When serving food to the workers, she often jokes about it being made from dead people or blood, prompting a disgusted reaction from people before assuring them she's kidding. Takahiro notes that Naoko has a morbid sense of humor, and wonders if there's something wrong with her.


  • Naoko (written as 直子) means "honest child", and Kurosawa (written as 黒澤) means "black swamp"
  • For a very long time, she and The Queen were the only two major characters with unconfirmed ages. Emily has since confirmed that their ages are 48 (Kimiko) and 19 (Naoko).