Stagecraft is a sidestory featuring the characters of Royalty Free.

Plot Edit

The Queen decides that the girls need to learn to get along better. She later finds out that it is because the girls don't have anything to bond over. She demands that the five of them work together in directing and producing a play in the town's local theater. The girls are reluctant, but can't say no to the Queen.

  • Shizuka is in charge of writing the script. She is also the director.
  • Utako is in charge of composing the music. She also plays the lead female role.
  • Aya is in charge of costuming. She is also the light board operator.
  • Hinata is in charge of sets and props. She is also the sound board operator.
  • Mai is in charge of choreography. She also plays a small role in the show.

After holding auditions, the girls are upset to find that no one in the town is a capable actor. The girls randomly decide to have Utako do a reading of the part, and find that she's actually the best they've seen all day. Ryouta and Daichi get small parts as well.

Trivia Edit

  • The release date is currently unknown.
  • It has not begun development yet, and it is unknown when development will start, but this will be made eventually.
  • This is the only sidestory that is canon. Murder in the Castle and Royalty Free RPG are AU's.