"He was the only one who truly let me be myself."

Utako, talking about him.

King Yuuma Nishihime (西姫優馬 Nishihime Yuuma) is a mentioned character in Royalty Free. He was the husband of Kimiko Nishihime until they divorced.

Personality Edit

From what Utako says in her route, he was much more supportive and easygoing than Kimiko, encouraging his daughters to do whatever made them happy. Although it is made clear that he loved all five of them, he seemed to have a special bond with Utako, defending her against Kimiko's insistence that she be more proper.

Trivia Edit

  • Utako states in her route that when they divorced, she was more than willing to give up being a princess so that she could stay with her dad instead of her mom.
  • He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
    • Utako is the only one that takes after him appearance-wise, which is why she's the only blonde. Her green eyes come from being a mix of his and Kimiko's.
    • Aya has blue eyes as well, while she has her mom's brown hair. The other three all take after their mother.
  • It's also said that the reason Utako didn't go with him is because Kimiko won the custody battle, so Utako, by law, had to stay with her.
  • He married into the royal family, which explains why Kimiko is still in charge of the castle.