The Protagonist (Takahiro)
Basic info
Age 15
Birthday Unknown
Talent Unknown
Friends Utako, Aya, Shizuka, Hinata, Mai, The Queen, Ryouta, Daichi, Chibana, Naoko
Occupation Guard
"What is my life becoming?"


The protagonist (default name: Takahiro) is the player character in Royalty Free. 

The player is free to give him whatever name they like.

He gets accepted onto the guard and meets the royalty. From there, he slowly falls in love with one of them.

He does not have a confirmed apperance, though Emily tends to depict him with slightly messy light brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses.


Overall, Takahiro seems to be a quiet, kind, and understanding person, and seems to possess at least average intelligence. He can be occasionally prone to saying the wrong thing. All the player is ever told about his backstory is that being on the guard has been a dream of his since he was a little kid.


  • The player is allowed to type in any name they like (no matter how ridiculous, one of the test names the creator used was Huggles), as long as it is not obscene. If it is obscene, the game will berate you until you choose a clean name. This was done to keep the game as G-rated as possible.
  • Though he can end up with any one of the five princesses, he is actually supposed to end up with Mai, completing the trifecta of Utako/Ryouta, Shizuka/Daichi, and Mai/Takahiro. She is considered his "canon" girlfriend.